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Endless Parade of Clones by Erdal Inci

I’ve often wondered what it would be like to go to a rave with twenty clones of myself, but I dont think the world is quite ready for that level of party. Shot by Erdal Inci and edited by Erdal Inci (one of his clones mayhaps?), these experimental photos depict a never-ending procession of light-waving duplicates caught in a continuous casualty loop of cool.

Artist: Tumblr / Behance


2D Paper Mario

Created by Rina Ray

(via pacalin)


Baby Ninja Turtle Street Art by CeLF

Baby, but not quite teenage, turtles always know to swim to the ocean, no matter what sewer they were born in.

Artist: behance


The Tree, Before and After by Papy and Milouz

The TSF Crew painted this gorgeous mural last October in France, but like all good things in life, it had to be destroyed to make room for something else. Check out a time-lapse video of the guys chopping the tree down the street art way:

(via: streetartnews)


Space Invaders Traffic Light

Part of the la generale art exhibit in Paris running from June 7th to July 2nd, inspired by street artist space-invaders.

via: obviouswinner