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Capybaras are apparently the chill bro homies of nature, hanging out with everyone. i want one.

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PHOTO OP: Just a Puppy

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Amen brother. gg
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gg wp


i feel like this is really important

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So part of the average Dota player's prerogative is to actively or passively hate on LOL? Im not trying to argue with you or anything I'm just trying to figure out why Dota players hate League so much haha.
geekycrap geekycrap Said:

As far as I know it’s just a joke, haha.

It’s just funny to say Dota is better and watch some people get legitimately mad about it.

In my opinion, Dota IS better, that’s why I play it instead of League, but I know this isn’t an universal truth, so everyone should just play whatever they feel like playing.

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Why do you hate on League? Have you ever even played it?
geekycrap geekycrap Said:

yes I did, and I’ve been playing Dota for about 9 years now, so it is my job to hate on League


A picture of a baby overwhelmed by pizza

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